Our free webs make your info be searched on both CityAmazon.com and Google.com instead of only Google.com
High end web store is true and 100% free, if you get it and never sold anything, you pay $0 to us and PayPal!
  • Free web development with online payment
  • Free web hosting
  • Free domain name www.yourname.store or yourname.shop
  • Free advertising to be searched on CityAmazon.com = WinnipegAmazon.com to list on top of the search result
  • 1 year free renew at 11th month, no any hidden fee, see Price

  • Shop online near your home as usual by postal code, world-wide unique feature for easy pickup & delivery to avoid Covid-19
  • Advanced web tech, each web store has search, visitor#, in stock# & CMS, all web stores/websites can be searched together!
  • If you can send email, you can build/update web store, fill item name price etc., Buy Now auto generated, see how easy it is
  • Get notified immediately after each online sale, easily monitor online transactions, very few management work
  • Very powerful search, can search all text in web, can have multiple search boxes
  • Visitor# on each web page
  • Can book visiting appointment online to avoid line up
  • Item # in stock auto deducted after paid online, if out of stock, auto send you email, check Junk mail if not in Inbox
  • Home page click "Go" button directly to list all web pages and all items
  • You can promote items by making small pictures appear on home page by yourself
  • Easy browse, can browse table of content interface, plus search to find out anything by clicks
  • Auto accounting with grand total, tax, net total, easily track paid/unpaid transactions between store owner and OwniCloud Inc.
  • Login CloudiBook.com see all transactions, page refresh every 30 seconds to show newly sold items auto, also auto send email
  • Advanced CMS - Content Management System, easily self-build/update all web content including # in stock/price/pic etc.
  • Items can be searched on CityAmazon.com , 'Local Amazon' in your area, and Google.com
  • Our web can help manage inventory so you always display correct and instantly updated in stock# for customer to buy online
  • Our web store is more than enough to be your company's formal website so you only maintain one web, transfer now
  • We have so many features, some are unique, even if paid couple of thousand dollars, you may not get all above features

    WinnipegAmazon.com = CityAmazon.com is Winnipeg's 'Local Amazon' or 'Local Google', we offer:
  • Free e-commerce web store with online payment with free www.yourname.store or www.yourname.shop
  • Free Website with content be searched on WinnipegAmazon.com and free advertising
  • Free Buy & Sell website for house hold items, manage all items in a high-end website
  • Free Real Estate website for house and apartment selling, all Real Estate webs can be searched together
  • Free Personal Blog to advertise personal info, all Blog webs can be searched together
  • Free Yellow Page listing to be self-updated and searched on www.MByellowpage.com
  • Free Yellow Page Flyer Ad to be self-updated and searched on www.MByellowpage.com

    Our goal is to help Winnipeg with our world-wide advanced and unique E-commerce Local Search Engine, it is our years' hard working since 2002, the services we offered are more advanced than 'Big Company' like Amazon and Google sites. At this pandemic time, we want to serve local and help local to boost Winnipeg economy, make great convenience for Winnipeggers to shop online near home to buy more local products and services, and to reduce Covid-19 spread, let's work together to make Winnipeg great again!

    To register: go to CityAmazon.com, click top link 1 Free Web Store with Pay, fill out info and click Submit. If you can send email, you can build/update web store, just fill out form to enter item name, desc, price, how many in stock etc. and Submit, Buy Now auto generated and you have no chance to make mistake for online payemnt!

    Winnipeggers are buying locally online to support Winnipeg stores and businesses! Usually they shop near their home, to make online shopping the same, we divided Winnipeg into 5 areas to build 5 'Local Amazon', e.g. downtown people will search www.DowntownAmazon.com to buy items from downtown stores/businesses, if your store/business is in downtown area, customers can buy your items from www.yourname.store, www.DowntownAmazon.com and www.CityAmazon.com; same idea with the other 4 'Local Amazon':
    Winnipeg South 'Local Amazon': www.PembinaAmazon.com;
    Winnipeg North 'Local Amazon': www.MainAmazon.com;
    Winnipeg West 'Local Amazon': www.PortageAmazon.com;
    Winnipeg East 'Local Amazon': www.FermorAmazon.com.

  • This is how easy to create a web page, Buy Now auto generated, there is no chance you can make mistake, everyone can do it:
    go to password address http://abcCompany.cityamazon.com/abcPwd.asp, click Create New Web Page, select Cagegory and Sub-Category
    you want the web page to go under, fill in Item name, Short desc, Unit price, How many in stock etc. and click Submit.
    Web page created after click Submit and Buy Now auto generated as follows!

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