Free trial 10-page web store address:, can be upgraded to like
All web stores/websites/yellow page listings can be searched together in brand new web search engine!

Amazon’s web store address is, we are advanced to let you have to be searched in, and it is more than enough to be your company’s formal website to sell all your products/services, so you only maintain one web!

Most local business/store owners sell products/services to local customers, you can come to which is designed for local businesses targeting local customers. Customers can search by a City like Winnipeg to only search items sold by Winnipeg businesses, this way, local businesses/stores can target local customers, can also sell globally! The whole system idea is, each web has search box like , all webs can be searched together! go to, search ‘La Shop’ or ‘Chair’ to list items sold by web store

Our advanced web search engine might be world-wide unique, apart from delivery, can also do pickup $0, curbside pickup $2, same day delivery, delivery within 10 KMs $10, delivery within 20 KMs $15 etc., you can design deliveries by yourself

We put in massive contribution to let you free trial high-end 10-page web store/website with online payment, to help us save cost, we ask you ‘one-time’ fully prepare all the stuff for 10-page web store/website, prepare about us and contact us web page info, for each product/service, you need to prepare 1) only one picture; 2) product/service name; 3) unit price; 4) detailed product/service full description; 5) warranty; 6) return policy; 7) how many in stock, if often out of stock, you need to mention it; 8) you can design your own ways of delivery, e.g. Pickup $0.00; Curbside Pickup $2.00; Delivery within 10 KM $10.00; Delivery more than 10 KM $15.00; Delivery to other cities $30.00 etc., visit to learn how to design delivery; 9) for web store, you’ll have an ID to check all your items sold online

To advertise yourself free, go to and click link at right side “Register free web page listing”, you can register one free web page to be searched in

We also offer one stop services to safe open your business, from web website/web store design with booking visit appointment on web, to cloud systems to manage/search/share all your docs to be accessed at anywhere, anytime on any device to let your employees work from home or anywhere!

Since Covid-19, you may want your employees work from home or work at anywhere anytime on any device, we have most advanced cloud systems to help you and double your efficiency! Your efficiency matter with how to manage, search and share docs and how to manage your employees, is the best cloud system to be your central management system to manage/share docs, also manage employees, customers and everything! is 4 in 1 cloud system which can sell commercial iBook. Why our cloud systems are most advanced? All other cloud systems can not sell iBook, all other iBook/eBook systems can not manage/search/share docs, only can do both to share docs and buy/sell iBook at the same time, and it is 4 in 1, create one account to do 4 things together: 1) manage/search/share docs; 2) manage employees, customers & everything; 3) read/buy/sell iBook; 4) send email.

You probably want to host cloud servers on our own network, let you do it with free trial, start from $68,797, you can have different security levels of 1 server, 2 server, and 3 servers. With multiple servers, you hide your data server and hacker never know where your data is located, so your data is absolutely safe and secure!

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