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    Website: http://easternhealing.googlebycity.com

    Product/Service Name: Eastern Healing Center

    Company: Eastern Healing Center ; 1036 Portage Avenue ; Ph: (204) 284-4047

    At the Eastern Healing Center, Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Canadian lifestyles with fantastic results: your optimum health. Dr. Lin Liu, head practitioner and owner, not only uses traditional Chinese medical diagnosis and treatments but is also skilled at working in conjunction with Western medicine. We staff two Chinese doctors and two Chinese masseuses, as well as three registered massage therapists and a physiotherapist, who work together for your all-round health using the best the East and the West have to offer.

    From minor bodily imbalances to major ailments, we listen to and treat all of our patientsí concerns, getting to the root of the problem instead of just masking the symptoms. Traditional Chinese Medicine can successfully treat

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