E-Commerce will make great success in 2021, the world has bigger fortune ahead, CityAmazon.com is a different kind of E-Commerce online store search engine than Amazon.com , it competes with Amazon to develop market that Amazon can’t reach!

CityAmazon.com has most advanced e-Commerce web tech no any other e-Commerce web tech can compare with, it is the biggest and most difficult to design E-Commerce system all around the world, and it can develop markets that Amazon can’t reach! This system took us more than 10 years to fully develop, and it is almost impossible for others to do it so well, it matches Amazon’s weakness, Amazon is centralized web store search engine, while CityAmazon is localized to search by City to let local stores sell items online to local customers in the same city, online buyer and seller are in the same city, that makes things a lot easier, and customers know and trust stores in their own city to pay online, can do pickup, curbside pickup, same day delivery, and different delivery fees etc. If you go to www.CityAmazon.com, By City: select ‘Winnipeg’, you will only search Winnipeg’s web stores, search ‘La Shop’ to buy items from Winnipeg’s web store www.LaShopLesage.ca. This is a new business model different and more advanced than Amazon - what Amazon can do, we can do; we can also develop market that Amazon can’t reach, local stores sell items online to local customers in same city, and different kind of ‘Mini Amazon’!

Here is the system design mechanism, each web store has search box like LaShopLesage.ca, and all web stores can be searched together by City and Category in CityAmazon.com, the web store can be at bestbuy.ca level with item in stock# auto deducted after paid online! It is world-wide unique with following advanced features:

1) Amazon’s web store address is www.amazon.com/yourstore; we offer www.yourstore.com to be searched in CityAmazon.com;

2) Amazon’s web store is not enough to be the company’s formal website; ours is more than enough at bestbuy.ca level, so the company can maintain only one web;

3) Most advanced Content Management System to easy update all web content by store owner or any employee;

4) Item in stock# can be auto deducted after paid online, can also be updated easily by store, so web store can always display up-to-date in stock# for customer to buy online;

 5) Each web store with search box(es), can search item name and whole web content;

6) Visitor# on each web page so store owner can use visitor# to do market analysis;

7) Web store owner has a Login ID to check all their items sold online with detailed info;

8) Web store building and maintenance costs are low and web quality is the highest at bestbuy.ca level, 90% of the work can be done by User Friendly Interface, e.g.,  Add/Chg/Del Item is very easy and no need IT personal, store can do it by themselves;

9) Web can be improved to meet any requirement like book visit appointment online;

10) Back end maintenance and management are highly automatic including accounting;

11) If web store pay advertising fee, their items will be listed on top of the search result;

12) It is the most complicated system with world-wide highest e-commerce web tech;

13) Apart from Web Stores, Websites, Yellow Page Listings, Personal Blogs etc. can also be searched by City and Category in CityAmazon.com, it can be another kind of ‘Google’;

14) The system is sellable and can build ‘Mini Amazon’ in many areas, e.g., build ShoppingMall.com: offer each store in shopping mall an e-commerce web store, and all web stores in this shopping mall can be searched together in ShoppingMall.com, can also be searched in CityAmazon.com! It can be a big department store’s Mini Amazon better than the one they developed, a shopping mall’s Mini Amazon, a business area’s Mini Amazon; a city’s Mini Amazon, and the whole world’s Mini Amazon which we are trying to build – CityAmazon.com!


CityAmazon.com‘s potential markets are very big and wide, we are looking for investment, partnership, and any kind of co-operation! You could invest and we work to find bigger company or go to Nasdaq. If you are a big company related with e-commerce, selling this system to you is also in consideration. People are buying more and more online, we wish CityAmazon and Amazon work together to beat Covid-19!